Storm ‘Clouds’ Gathering…

DCF 1.0

If you read my fellow e-discovery bloggers (and I hope you do), they’ve posted a lot on cloud computing lately – and for good reason.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the risks of ‘off-site’ data management.  I didn’t refer to it as cloud computing because I was taking a macro view, including items such as off-site media storage and disaster-recovery services.

I happened to come across this article about the subject in the Washington Post, and I really liked their ‘what if’ approach.  Anyone who reads my posts knows that I promote “healthy paranoia”.  I’m always warning about the ‘what-ifs’.  Don’t be too critical of me, though.  I come by it honestly since it’s my job to be paranoid for my clients.  They pay me to anticipate what could go wrong – not what could go right.

As I constantly tell people, you don’t need a lock on your front door until the day someone tries to break in.  But then again, if you live your life in its entirety this way, then I guess you don’t insure your car, either, because you won’t need it until you get into an accident.

Security has to play a major role in any e-discovery plan, especially one that will rely on ‘others’.  Better you should be on ‘Cloud 9’ than walking in the rain…

NOTE TO MY READERS:  I will be out of state next week working on a case.  I don’t think there will be an opportunity to post, so please bear with me.  I’ll try to get something up as soon as I’m able.