You Asked for it, You Got it, Toyota! (Biller Re-Visited)

In light of the mechanical defect issues at Toyota, here are some of the other commercial slogans they probably wish they hadn't created:

The best built cars in the world.

I love what you do for me – Toyota!

And, irony fully present, my personal favorite:

Your new experience of motoring.

Ok, so maybe I'm still bitter because I tried to get Toyota to hire me as a consultant a few times last decade (they're in Torrance, which is fairly close to where I lived at the time) to no avail.  Nah, it can't be that, since I drive a Toyota now – although thankfully, not one of the models subject to recall.

Maybe there was something to the claims made by Biller, after all.  From my post September 4th, 2009:

"We won't know more details about this for a while, but it's one to
watch.  My immediate thoughts are, 1) Plaintiff had better have some
convincing evidence to back up his claims and 2) Toyota had better hope
he doesn't."

Why do I think this is going to become a lead federal spoliation case somewhere down the road?  [Sorry, I couldn't help myself.  There had to be at least one automobile-related pun in here somewhere]  Not only that, there's the cross-over to the attorney's ethical obligations that I discussed in my prior post.

Yes, I wanted to make a catchy closing sentence, but I've already used up my one-pun allocation.