What’s that Smell? History Sniffing.

MP900448673 I'll shamelessly do anything to work in a reference to coffee…

Have you been hearing about a proposed "Do Not Track" list?  I have, and was planning to write a post about it when I came across a companion piece on History Sniffing that illustrates why it likely will never work.

Let's start with the basics.  In order for any law, rule or registry to function successfully, the people it's aimed at have to be willing to comply with it voluntarily.

Well…we have the CAN-SPAM Act (always loved the irony) yet I still get a ton of it in my junk folder daily.  Let's face it folks, it's like my definition of a lock on your front door; it's there to keep honest people honest, but accomplishes little more than that.

My opinion?  I would consider a do not track registry to be the third line of defense.  The second line should be at the client; for example, the web browser.  What's the first line?

It's in-between the mouse and the chair…