What, Exactly, is an e-Discovery Lawyer?

MP900448644Earlier this week, my interest was piqued when I read an article by a colleague, Dennis Kiker, titled, "I want an E-Discovery Lawyer for my E-Discovery Project".  He explains what his concept of a law firm e-discovery lawyer is; to him.

In the corporate world, I'm experiencing something quite different in the clear evolution of what many companies seem to want in an e-Discovery Lawyer these days; a combination of e-Discovery and Security in a single function.  Think about it.  It actually makes sense.  In theory, both jobs involve protection, but I bifurcate them between protection by technology and protection by individuals (notice, I didn't say 'of technology' and 'of individuals').

That's how I broke out the subject for the State Bar's upcoming book.  It's one thing for individuals to develop strategies to protect corporate assets via software, firewalls and other security protocols.  It's quite another for individuals to be aware of the security risks that surround them 24 hours a day.

Unfortunately, all that stealth goes out the window if those same individuals don't adhere to stringent personal privacy protocols.  Otherwise, the next thing you know, your company iPhone is sitting on a bar counter somewhere, next to your empty marguerita tumbler – and you're already on your way home.

e-Discovery Attorney as Project Manager?  Definitely.  e-Discovery Attorney as CyberSecurity Guru?  Well, let's just say, I'm glad I have 20+ years of world-wide LAN/WAN experience under my belt…

Who knew?