Voyeurism: eDiscovery Style

MP900402022 So, my PDA was working fine this morning…then it wasn't.  A total and complete software crash.  I traced it down to an offending app, but it completely hosed (thank you, Canada) the O/S.  And of course, I'm out of town!  So, I located my carrier's nearby retail outlet and headed on over.  They couldn't repair it, even with their "push" software.  However, due to my predicament (out of town and desperate), they were able to swap me over to a new device.  Awesome!

How did I reward them for their excellent customer service?  By hounding the poor tech, first by insisting that he had to wipe my prior device clean and second, by insisting that he show me how he was going to do it, then let me watch.  The store was full, they were busy and I caught a person or two rolling their eyes at my request, but I persevered.

Quite frankly, the tech understood when I explained that as an attorney, there was confidential client info on the device and our ethics rules compel us to protect it (that, or he thought I was just making it all up so he would delete porn, or something…hey, as long as I get it done, let him imagine whatever he wants!)  But take note; I protected client information – as I'm obligated to do – and, I had a recent backup available on my laptop, so I lost virtually nothing.  Good for me; good for my clients!

Sadly, this is the eDiscovery equivalent of voyeurism.

e-Voyeurism?  Nahhhh…