Twitter? Free. True Cost? $430,000 (+ Interest)!

MP900313815 Love don't cost a thing…love means never having to say you're sorry…stop me when you've heard enough…

Just after the new year, I posted about a defamation suit filed against Courtney Love.  Well, that suit has been settled by Love for $430,000 plus interest, as noted in the headline.

Think about this for a moment, folks.  Love creates a free account on a service that didn't exist a few years ago.  She proceeds to use it to defame (according to the plaintiff, anyway) and ends up settling for what most of us would consider to be a very painful sum.

It used to be if you were angry at someone, they'd tell you to go home and punch your pillow.  Heck, there was always Primal Scream therapy.  No matter how foolish it may have been for Love to take to Twitter with her rampage, I doubt it ever crossed her mind that this would be the end result.

Technology has provided no shortage of outlets.  What we need are a few more inlets.