To Tweet, or not to Tweet? That is the Question…

MP900403638 I'm a realist.  Anyone who reads my posts for any length of time has figured that out.  I warn about the security dangers of the "cloud", yet understand your operation may need the cloud.  I warn about social networking, yet understand that it's tough to survive in the modern business world without social networking.

Heck, if I hate cars (which I don't), I'd still have to drive to work every day…

So, I came across this debate about whether lawyers should use Twitter, and I think it serves its purpose; not to discourage you, but to make sure that if you do, you think about what you're getting into with eyes wide open.  For example, almost none of my tweets stand alone.  The bulk of them are simply links back to this blog.  That's how I decided to use it.

Fear of technology is not a viable excuse to avoid it; especially since a lot of your competition won't.  Look in your rear-view mirror (we were already on the automobile metaphor) at all of those bright-eyed, bushy-tailed associates who are coming up.  They're using all the gadgets.  The question is, are they using them intelligently?

A blessing and a curse…

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One thought on “To Tweet, or not to Tweet? That is the Question…”

  1. I think you are right – it is not really a question of *whether* to tweet, but *what* to tweet. Particularly in our field, where, if you are not using social media of some type, you are basically invisible, it is critically important to understand how to leverage the various media outlets, and, most importantly, how not to use them.

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