Tips & Tricks: My Phone Explorer for Android


One would think it easy to find snapshot apps for Android smartphones.  And it is; if your phone is rooted.  As someone who obviously loves to tinker with technology, I would like to play with that, but my phone isn't a toy – it's a tool.  I tried a lot of stuff and was resigned to the fact that there simply wasn't a good app for this purpose.  That is, until I came across My Phone Explorer from FJ Software Development.

This product does much more than create excellent images.  It's a complete syncing and management suite that's very highly rated by its customers.  However, the only module I use is the "Phone Keypad", which created the images for my prior tutorial as well as the above sample.

There's a desktop component (there I go with the word, 'desktop', again) and an app that's loaded on the smartphone.  Launch the app first, then start the desktop component and you can save your snapshots to the desktop.

Oh, and for those who think I just gave away the company store…that's a simulated image…it ain't my phone configuration!  But, it does raise a good point.  If you're going to share images with others, take a moment to ensure that nothing in the image has the potential to violate you, your family's – or your employer's – security and privacy.