Tips & Tricks: EDD Toolkit App

MP900448277 The last time I linked you to some eDiscovery calculators was over two years ago.  What’s new?  Well, I happened upon one for my PDA from BlueStar Case Solutions, and the cool thing is, it’s available in Blackberry, iPhone, Android and Windows 7 flavors (even though it says “coming soon!” for Blackberry, the app is available).

Now, you know I don’t endorse products (I’d never even heard of BlueStar until I saw this) – and aside from fiddling with this app, I can’t tell you whether the calculations are accurate or not.  But, if you’re in the middle of a conversation or meeting – or sitting at your desk – and you want to get an idea of what the project cost or time might be, you can create a quick estimate; it’s not like you can’t run the comprehensive numbers later to confirm…

One handy module is an eDiscovery Glossary, with definitions for well over 100 of the terms we use on a daily basis.  So, if you’re just getting into this space, that might be helpful to you as a kind of ‘cheat sheet’ (of course, you may refer to it as ‘reference material’).  I knew the definition to every single term, without having to check.  I’m not sure whether I’m proud or worried!