Tips & Tricks: BarMax: California Exam Prep for iPhone/iTouch

IPhoneBarMax The next presentation of the California Bar Exam begins Tuesday, February 23rd.  In sympathy with all law students who will be sitting for the exam, I happened across this nifty BarMax: California Edition application for the iPhone.  It incorporates essays, MBEs, performance tests and flash cards all into one.

Most California students use BARBRI to prepare for the Bar exam, but I didn't, save for their excellent  PMBR MBE books.  They bring new meaning to the term "Red State/Blue State", which, by the time I'd spent two months studying, referred more to my state of mind from one minute to the next than the color of the book covers.  I also used Finz for MBEs and in my opinion, they're even harder than PMBR Blue (the book cover is orange; as in "A Clockwork…").

Let's put it this way; if you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, an extra $1,000 available and excellent eyesight, this certainly could be a viable option.  When I took the exam in Ontario (that's California, not Canada), every nook and cranny in every hotel I visited was filled with students and their laptops/flashcards/books, cramming for the next session.  It'd be a lot easier to use an iPhone or other device.

I do find it amusing that the California Edition was developed by "Harvard lawyers".  No matter…just meet Buffy & Skip on the veraaaandaaah or in the yaaaaaahd for a cocktail – and don't forget your argyle…

(I was doing ok until I mentioned argyle, wasn't I?  Overkill, I think…)