The Seven-Second Solution: You’re Suspended!

MP900175530 Folks, I know we have a sense of humor (otherwise, you'd be offended by half the posts I write), however, maybe it's just me, but I'm starting to think the general population doesn't.  Granted, these are tough economic times, we have wars going on, and yes, seriousness has its place.  But, knowing what you do about the reactions lately to 'attempted' humor, you've still got to do what I advised way back in the olden days; be your own filter.

Think it if you want to, just don't repeat it.  It's not worth it.  My Twit List has grown longer and longer with these examples, but look what happened to journalist Mark Halpirin yesterday.  He made a joke – and even warned everyone ahead of time that he was about to make it – yet, still was suspended by MSNBC.  Of course there's more detail to the story, but we don't need to hash out whether he regrets the decision to tell it out loud.

Last I checked, this was the land of free speech (I'll point out that this incident should not be confused with Constitutionally-protected speech, which commenters mistakenly do all the time), but with electronic devices come new problems.  Virtually everything you say or email and every destination you travel to is now being monitored by someone.

Remember Ari Fleischer?  "Americans need to watch what they say, what they do".  Who ever thought it'd come to this?!