The Completion Backward Principle

"An IT executive turned California
e-Discovery Attorney and Consultant shares his insights – with an
emphasis on facilitating the relationship between legal and technology


Remember that?  It's the mission statement of this blog, as I explained in my flagship post almost two years ago.  So, how's that workin' out for you?  This survey from Recommind says not so well.  According to their results, cooperation between IT and Legal has deteriorated across all platforms.

Yes, there's probably an economic component here – Recommind
notes this – but I agree with their assessment.  It doesn't explain the
extreme change over a single year.

As we all know, statistics may be interpreted several ways.  Here's my take.  If I were to wager, I'd bet that many of these entities tried in good faith to get legal and IT to work together; and what we're seeing in the 2010 report is that the groups didn't get along and have either given up or severely curtailed their joint activities.  Communication breaks down rapidly once bad will develops.

The Gartner Group predicts that companies will escalate the process of hiring what they refer to as "Legal and IT Hybrids" to "mediate" between the two departments.  Hello?  Haven't I been saying this all along?

Subtlety isn't working, so I'll be direct.  There's the phone.  Call me.  I can fix it.

Ok…you can call collect…