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Favre’s Folly. What’s Next – ‘Peyton’ Place?

MP900407438 "I guess Favre – and the New York Jets – better hope she doesn't sue."  Well, she hasn't – yet – but two masseuses did.

Look, I know I come dangerously close to the line with some of my posts, but I try not to be mean-spirited about it.  When I 'go there', I'm trying to make a strong illustration – usually related to risk.

Sure, some of you don't need the club over the head, but just read the story as it unfolds…

In all the days of my lives, through dark shadows, I couldn't find the guiding light on the edge of night to have a Ryan's hope of creating a soap opera as good as this one.  [I would have worked in 'Genital Hospital', but, 1) that joke's been made 1,000 times and 2) that would be going over the line.]

Look at some of what we've got (with the caveat that these are unproven allegations):

  1. Favre, a masseuse, her husband and the Jets' "Massage Coordinator" get in on the act.
  2. The Coordinator calls Favre a "pervert", yet castigates the husband for not keeping things quiet, suggesting some kind of covert compensation agreement might have been arranged.
  3. Favre admits to having "bad intentions".

If you're the Jets' attorney, how'd you like to even attempt to go to trial based on those statements?  Any good defense attorney will tell you how, but you won't like the answer…

Brett Favre and several members of the New York Jets organization know that millions of fans, detractors and the press are watching their every move at all times, yet they were willing to commit these comments to writing.

They don't get it.  Do you?

Favoring Favre

I just read that Brett Favre escaped his NFL sexting scandal with a $50,000 fine. But has he escaped liability?

As high profile as this is, it's actually nothing more than a run of the mill sexual harassment allegation by one employee against another – with electronic evidence at the forefront.

I guess Favre – and the New York Jets – better hope she doesn't sue.

Lessons Learned? I don't know. Next time, stay retired?

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