Rants & Raves! Recruiters: Keyword Search 1st, Document Review 2nd!!!

MP900448714 Coming to you from the 'cutting my own throat' department today…

Recruiters, you've proven that you're deft at performing keyword search for the word "eDiscovery".  Now, how about giving all of us techies and attorneys a break and actually doing some document review.  What do I mean?


For the (I kid you not) fourth time in a week, I've been appproached by a different recuiter for the same IT eDiscovery desktop support position.  One of them apparently continues to forget that he already contacted me – and received a polite response – and has contacted me two more times.  Never mind that the last time I did any type of direct desktop support was for Hughes Space & Communications in 1993, but my resume has a title.  It says "eDiscovery Attorney and Consultant".

Oh, the irony…

I have nothing against recruiters.  I've gotten lots of excellent work through many of them, and I'm certain I will in the future.  However, when they do these searches, then send an email blast to everyone with the term "eDiscovery" in their resume, they're telling us that we're meaningless to them – and they don't mind wasting our time.  Why?  Because, many of them also call, so I will always either return the call or email them back.  I will never ignore an inquiry from a recruiter because its unprofessional and just plain rude.  However, it doesn't exactly entice me to want to work with them.

You think I'm being too hard on them?  At least recruiter number one was honest about the position.  The others apparently could already tell it probably wasn't an appropriate position, so they attempted to 'dress it up' by changing it to desktop analyst and desktop engineer.  Shame on you!

There.  I said it.  I feel much better.  Now, where are those band-aids?!?!