Don’t be Fooled by Imitations!

From an announcement circulating on the 'net today:

"Three months ago, we
welcomed you
to the debut of this blog. Today, we are stepping it
up a notch. We are giving this formerly nameless blog a name,
“E-Discovery Insights,”
adding new profiles
of the authors
, committing ourselves to post more frequently, and
renewing our commitment to use this blog as a vehicle to share the
insights and expertise of Catalyst’s professionals on a range of
e-discovery topics."


Yo, Catalyst!  Nobody thought of Googling 'e-Discovery Insights' or typing "" into a browser window?

All kidding aside, good luck with your blog – and whatever new name you assign to it…

2 thoughts on “Don’t be Fooled by Imitations!”

  1. Sorry Perry, and thank you for your comments. We obviously didn’t check Google properly and deserve the humor.

    We will come up with a new name promptly and check to make sure it isn’t already in use. Our best wishes to you as well.

    John Tredennick
    CEO, Catalyst Repository Systems

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