O Canada!

MP900403250 Canada Day is tomorrow, July 1st.  In honor of this annual event, I'd like to highlight two stories of interest:

The 1st item is a tip of the hat to firms who take preservation of critical data seriously.  Roebothan McKay and Marshall suffered a catastrophic loss when the practice was destroyed by fire.  Yet, it'll be business as usual for the firm.  Partner Steve Marshall said that the hard drive containing client data was retrieved and that back-up
data files were also contained off-site.

What if this happened to your firm?

The 2nd item is a link to an excellent article by Clifford F. Schnier (who is also on my blogroll) about the "state of the union" of e-discovery in Canada.  Of course, when Cliff learns that I used "Canada" and "state of the union" in the same sentence, I suspect he'll be in touch to give me a history lesson…