Memoirs of the 2013 Calbar Solo Summit

Well, that's another Solo Summit in the bag.  This was my third in a row (Calbar has been presenting them for five years) and although I noticed all of the Bar staff running around with very concerned looks, they probably needn't have been so worried; the conference went very well.

As I've said before, in some ways, I prefer it to the annual meeting because it's more intimate and one can actually pause to talk to the attendees and not always be running somewhere else.  Also, the programs are custom-made for the Solo and Small Firm practitioner in California.

LPMT put on four programs this year; and I attended all of them.  Well, I had to attend at least one, since I was the speaker…

Biased as I may be, I have to say that our group put on some excellent programs.  Of course, the proof will be in the pudding (which for us means when we receive the rating sheets from the attendees in a few weeks).

I was only able to attend for a day-and-a-half this year, but I'll give the same advice as last year: If you want to collect a large amount of CLE credits on pertinent subjects with 300 like-minded attorneys and many networking opportunities, consider attending next year!