Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!!! (No, not that kind…)

J0387828 Steve Jobs.  Fake Steve JobsApple.  iPad.  There.  Up until now I've been the only online source that hasn't mentioned the iPad this week.  But this post isn't about that.  It's about how a technology writer at Newsweek can't even figure out that when he makes a claim, someone will produce the email trail.

Daniel Lyons (who blogs as Fake Steve Jobs) stated on the CNN program Reliable Sources that when he was hired at Newsweek, Apple sent a message through a former Newsweek writer, Stephen Levy, that they wouldn't treat Newsweek too kindly due to Lyons' inhospitable treatment of Jobs in the blog.

Problem is, it wasn't true, and what probably should have been no more than idle gossip at the water cooler is now plastered all over the 'net.  My favorite line?

"But naturally enough, in a story about technology reporting, there is an
electronic trail to unravel."

I'm sure Lyons thought he was just slightly embellishing a story to make it more interesting, but the result was that a relatively banal comment blew up in his face…