Int-Elect Required to Defeat Cyberattacks on Voting

MP900402417Sometimes, it's not easy thinking about disaster-planning all of the time.  Not incorporating enough caution means you get it wrong and somebody will be angry with you.  Incorporate too much caution and everyone thinks you're paranoid (insert usual joke here about you all watching me…).

So, how alarmed should we be to hear about the first documented case of a cyberattack on a U.S. election?  If you're in disaster-planning, you would have been concerned about it years ago, prior to election functions like registration migrating to the 'Net and voting machines using touchscreens and tabulating via software.  And to think; recently 'they' were suggesting voting by email

I can't think of anything more critical than preserving the integrity of the electoral process, but here's some food for thought to all of the factions currently bickering over Voter-ID laws:

While you're bickering over how to guard the front-door, perhaps you should send someone 'round back