I Need Jobs

MP900439292 I want to do something different.  The problem is, I'm not having much luck being hired.  I'm temperamental, moody, stubborn, and definitely march to the beat of my own drum.

I'm also euphemistic…

When I know I'm right, I stick to my guns – even at the risk of being wrong – which, I'm not embarrassed to say, I have been.  I wish people would just do what I say and stop questioning me so much!

I've pissed off so many people at work that – I like to joke – H.R. has a chair with my name embroidered on it!  It's gotten me fired, too.

People don't understand how my mind works – they just know that somehow, it works.  My spectacular failures are only bested by my even-more-spectacular successes.

My education's a little thin.  My mind was too restless to sit in a classroom, so I didn't finish college.  But I'm telling you, I've got some killer ideas and I can make them into reality; whoever I work with will make a lot of money.

I'm going to interview at this really cool tech company.  I think I can do great things for them.  It's on my calendar for Monday.  I'm just wondering one thing…

Do you think Apple Inc. will hire me?