Generation Gap meets Technology – in Courtroom

MP900401794 This is a personal observation that I thought you'd find interesting.  It goes directly to the heart of the problem we tech-weenies face when in a courtroom – while facing a judge from an older generation.

Some of the parties at counsel's table had laptops.  The judge asked us to research a matter.  During a break, I used my PDA to look up the information.  When the judge returned, he remarked politely, "No cell phones allowed in the courtroom.".

Needless to say, one doesn't argue with the judge, and even if I had, I have a feeling he wouldn't have taken kindly to my, "I'm not using the cell phone feature, your Honor, I'm accessing the internet to research the question you gave us" response.  It clearly illustrates the fundamental disconnect – and disadvantage – we may face on a daily basis.

My 'cell phone' is also a computer, just like my seat cushion may be used as a flotation device…we need to get to the stage where judges recognize this as well.