Fine’s ‘Old Ball & Chain’ May Result in a New Ball & Chain

By now, most of you are aware that the wife of assistant-basketball-coach Bernie Fine of Syracuse was recorded in what is the now-infamous, "I knew everything!" debacle.

MP900315546Didn't I just caution about the people closest to you?  Folks, the old world is over.  No matter the circumstances, you must always assume that you're being watched, recorded or tracked; even in the so-called privacy of your own home.  I've reached the point where I believe you must ask yourself, "Am I about to say/write something that could be construed as harmful?" before ever opening your mouth or sending a text or email.

It's impossible for me to get inside the head of a person to figure out what they were thinking – and if we delved into the moral aspects we'd never come to any resolution – but take this as another extreme example of what happens when private thoughts become public.

Think broadly.  This isn't just about one person.  The recording was made in 2002 and has apparently been in the possession of authorities for years.  It's Penn State all over again.

Heads will roll…and perhaps they should.