Facebook Faux Pas: “Drunk (and Stupid) in Florida”

J0321163 At this point, I'm about ready to throw in the towel and start a "Social Networking Idiot of the Month" post.  I try not to get into the habit of using strong verbiage like this too often, but really…

A drunk-driving 17-year-old was involved in a vehicle crash that killed her 20-year-old passenger.

Quoting directly from the The Buffalo News article:

"The Buffalo News has learned that Sullivan went to Florida a month after the crash and
posted a photo on her Facebook Web page captioned, "Drunk in Florida."" (italics/bold added).

The judge found this conduct troubling, sentenced her to six months in jail and stated that posting the Facebook photo was the reason.

No further comment is necessary, especially since it would contain more strong verbiage…

[As much as I don't like to overuse 'dark humor' for something as egregious as this case, nevertheless, I have to pose the question:  How many of you clued-in to my 'half-a-brain' illustration?]