Facebook, et al: “Evidentiary Gold Mines”

J0401177 I haven't re-visited social networking lately, but this article on Time.com is a favorite.  Their exact quote is, "Lawyers, however, love these sites, which can be evidentiary gold mines."  Then, of course, it goes on to list some of the nightmare scenarios in which Facebook posts became evidence, among other things (divorce being a very common reason, but by no means the only one).

Tip:  If a lawyer loves something, you'd better take note (unless it's you they love; in that case, demand a pre-nup…).

Let's put it this way.  Yes, Twitter may change the way we live, but not necessarily the way you expect.

**FLASH** – Late word comes in to the blog-room that Governor Schwarzenegger was seen frantically digging on Facebook looking for nuggets to address the California budget shortfall…we're going to be completely out of cash in less than 50 days

Guess I'm in a snarky mood today…did I mention I'm not a morning person?  Have a great weekend everyone.