e-Discovery Insights Turns 1!


On September 24th, 2008, I launched e-Discovery Insights with a single theory in mind; who the hell would be interested in anything I have to say about this subject?

That's literally the question I asked one of the best web gurus I know, Clint Brauer, when he dogged me for two months solid to start blogging.  His 'field of dreams' answer; if you write it (and it doesn't suck), they will come.  He was right.  Of course, that doesn't mean it doesn't suck, but you came anyway.

So, on one hand I'd like to thank Clint for convincing me to give this a try; on the other, I'd like to strangle him for obligating me to come up with relevant posts about three times per week (it ain't as easy as it looks, folks).

Thank you for visiting.  In less than a year, you've made e-Discovery Insights the #1 Google search result for the terms e-discovery + California.

With the advent of the California Electronic discovery Act less than three months ago, the next twelve months will be challenging, indeed.

Mmmmmm…electronically generated ca-a-a-ke…(e-cake?)