e-Discovery California: The “California Factor”

J0436946 I stretched the boundaries of this blog by talking about toothbrushes (though I thought it was for a good purpose; demonstrating the result of poor management decisions), but I'm going to stretch a bit further.  The L.A. Times has an excellent article about the challenges of doing business in the state of California.

What does this have to do with e-discovery?  High overhead is a critical factor.  If I have to triage revenue to service the high cost of doing business – and the high cost of living – that's money that is segregated away from upgrading equipment & software, obtaining additional training, or perhaps I just have to put in longer hours.

Add the cost, necessary as it may be, of complying with the new e-discovery rules and the hole just gets a little deeper.

I'm proud of the fact that I'm in my 11th year of operating my company in California and have remained fiercely independent.  The article sheds some light on what it takes to make that happen.

If nothing else, it involves coffee.  That makes it all worthwhile…