e-Discovery California: AB 5: Legislative Procedure Explained

j0433126I’m coming clean.  I’m a political junkie.  I love all things politics.  A favorite blog of mine is FiveThirtyEight.com.  If you’re a lawyer, there’s a high probability that you have a background in Political Science (although I confess, I don’t, except by hobby).  I thought it might be interesting to post the in-depth explanation of California Legislative Procedure (warning: the link opens a 36-page PDF file) as AB 5 continues to make its way through the process (there was a little more action – you’ll find the explanation on page 8 of the document under ‘Consent Calendar’).  Also, I’ve added it as a link to the top right of the button bar and I’ll probably keep it there until this ‘horse race’ concludes.

A little light reading for your Friday…

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