e-Discovery California: AB 5 – Electronic Discovery Act

j0309434Back in October of this year, I wrote about Governor Schwarzenegger’s veto of AB 926 (e-discovery California rules) and humorously predicted, “They’ll be Ba-a-a-ck!“.  Well, it didn’t take long…

Noreen Evans (D-Napa) has introduced AB 5, the “Electronic Discovery Act”, which is winding its way through the system.
It’s virtually identical to AB 926, but contains an urgency clause,
which means that if the Governor signs it, it’ll take effect

Some were of the opinion the issue was dead for a year.  I didn’t share that view.  No, I don’t have a crystal ball (or a Magic 8-ball, for that matter).  I’m not The Amazing Kreskin – assuming anyone remembers him.  To be honest, my opinion sprang from pure logic.  These rules must be implemented if we’re to have any uniformity in California courts.  The only concern to me was how long it would take to enact.

Will the Governor sign the bill?  What does the Magic 8-ball say?

[UPDATE Feb 6, 2009 – There’s been further action on AB 5]