e-Evidence Insights: bin Laden’s Secret Weapon: Cut & Paste

MP900423113 Yes…I'm still here…and I'm about to clear out that backlog of interesting items I mentioned a few posts back.  Funny how Osama bin Laden has already moved to the back pages – unless you're interested in 'his' porn collection.

If we learned one thing from 9/11, it was that we should cast a large net, but the webbing must be finite – lest the minnows pass through.  For our purposes, 'minnow' is a metaphor for 'analog'.  We expected machine guns…instead, we got box cutters.  We expected a sophisticated digital network of operatives…instead, we got bin Laden writing up some text, copying it onto a flash drive, then a courier cutting & pasting it into an email message at a remote location.

Just something to keep in mind the next time you're collecting digital evidence.  Don't jump the shark while overlooking the minnow.

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