e-Evidence Insights: ABC’s Primetime Crime: Inside the Interrogation Room

MP900448352 Many people have absolutely no idea what would happen to them if they were arrested.  In fact, it would shock them if they knew what the police are allowed to do versus what they think the police are prohibited from doing.

Television has conditioned the average person to think like this:

  1. The police 'invite' me down to the station for a chat
  2. I speak to them without an attorney present
  3. I go home

Or, maybe something like this:

  1. They arrest me
  2. They read me my Miranda rights
  3. I ask for an attorney

If only it were that simple.  If you have any interest in seeing an example of how things really might work, watch this 41-minute video from ABC's Primetime Crime (or read the article if you prefer).  I found it to be an excellent – and accurate – portrayal of interrogation tactics.

Hey – I'm not asking you for a lot of heavy lifting at the start of the Labor Day weekend!  Besides, forewarned is forearmed.  Please be safe – and if you're traveling, don't put this post into practice by getting snagged for a DUI.