e-Discovery California: Deutch in Dutch with AG for Spoliation

MP900314122 How long does it take to shred 2.7 million documents?  I guess it depends on whether 'Tax Lady' Roni Deutch used machines or simply hit the 'delete' key.  Inconsequential; as we already know, destroying documents in violation of a court order will certainly lead to sanctions.  However, this time, our new California Attorney General, Kamala Harris, is seeking jail time for contempt.

This is one of two high-profile cases of this type.  The other involves a Houston, TX company called TaxMasters, although I'm not aware of any e-discovery-related issues with that case.  However, it's no coincidence that these cases receive stepped-up coverage at tax time.

Nevertheless, I'll be following the outcome of the former case.  It's not every day an AG calls you a "predator for profit".