e-Discovery California: Crib Notes – Circa 2011

MP900178016 Ahhhh…the youth are our future.  No…really…they are.  We'll be seeing them in court. 

Whether we like it or not, pound-for-pound, the younger set knows way more about technology than we might like them to know.  And, as it's been said, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

Turning twenty-one should be about becoming an 'adult' (whatever that means, these days) and being able to have a beer at your local bar – not committing your first series of computer felonies.

The kid is caught cheating on an exam, so he breaks-in (physically, in this instance) and steals the evidence that he cheated on the exam!  How's that for ingenuity?

You've heard of the "Bling Ring"?  Well, I dub these lads the "Token Ring".

If you know what token ring is, go to the head of the class!