Drum Roll…New Blogroll!

CB064019It’s amazing what one can accomplish while simultaneously watching college Bowl games…

I wanted to draw your attention to my new blogroll, which sits on the left sidebar.  Over the past several years, I’ve consulted many e-discovery resources and these are among my favorites.  I highly encourage you to check them out.  The topic is so broad that nobody can know everything, and having a body of resources to consult gives all of us a great advantage.

For anyone who has been reading my posts, you’ve seen that my goal is to deliver a serious message with a little bit of humor.  It shouldn’t be construed to mean that I don’t take the subject very seriously.  This is a very stressful discipline and my sense of humor has always kept me going.

Also, there was no need for me to re-invent the wheel.  As you will see if you visit these blogs, there are some very impressive, talented people out there who are making all of our jobs easier.

I decided that my blog was not going to be a repeat of what others are already doing so well; I write from my own perspective, of one who sits in those rooms and conducts those meetings – those of us who are tasked with ‘getting it done’, if you will.

Referee Signaling Score --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Those who share that responsibility will likely agree with my observation that theory is usually much easier than practice, e.g., in theory, the boss funds your project, in practice, maybe not.

I suppose this might be the e-discovery version of Dilbert, except I have no artistic talent (my readers will ultimately judge whether I have any writing talent, either).  Although I will say that one of my best friends is a cartoonist and I’m considering having him put some pictures to my words this year.

2009 presents the latest set of challenges.  Let’s hit the ground running!