Cloud BURST!

J0438348 The lead paragraph from this Washington Post article says it all:

"A server meltdown over the weekend wiped out the master copies of
personal data — including address books, calendars, to-do lists and
photos — accumulated by users of T-Mobile's formerly popular Sidekick smartphone."

It's a little out of our element, but I touched briefly on the risks of cloud computing back in April.  Well, T-Mobile users are getting a front-row seat to what happens when those entrusted with your data don't endeavor to properly protect it.  And this isn't just any old vendor – this is Microsoft subsidiary Danger, Inc.

There isn't really much to add, except that had this happened to one of my clients under my watch, I would have been fired!

One thought on “Cloud BURST!”

  1. I never liked the Sidekick anyway, I was always a Blackberry owner…very faithful…like the rest of the world.

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