Century City Executive Counsel Exchange – Summary

MP900382650Alec Baldwin’s Twitter rant?  So last year…(that’s why I created a ‘Twit List’).

BP accused of spoliation?  I’ve never heard that, before…

This week, I actually saw an article warning people to be careful what they post on social media, ‘because it might come back to haunt you, someday.’…

Folks, it’s almost 2012!  If any of the above headlines surprise you, you’re either new to this game or you’ve been hiding in a cave (or you haven’t been reading e-Discovery Insights the past three years…).  So, let me tell you about something more substantive – the annual Executive Counsel Exchange that was held this past Monday and Tuesday at the Hyatt in Century City, California.

I’m not aware of any other conference that operates the way this one does it.  It’s a roundtable, free-form discussion over a period of a day-and-a-half.  Two old pros were moderating this year, Robert Brownstone of Fenwick & West LLP and Browning Marean of DLA Piper (if you don’t recognize either of these names, we may have to have the ‘cave’ discussion again).  The moderators cover a series of relevant topics and the attendees are encouraged to participate.  Everything is memorialized and the attendees receive a copy.

Another thing I really appreciate is that, although it’s a sponsored conference, the vendors are highly respectful about not bombarding us with sales pitches during their contributions to the program.

If you want to know what’s happening right now, this is the place to be, because you’re hearing it exactly as it is, from people covering all parts of the spectrum who do this every day (vendors, technology, inside and outside counsel, executive, etc).  Over the next several months, The Exchange (as its called) will be in four more cities across the country.  Unfortunately, I was only able to attend Monday’s session this time, but I encourage you to check it out if you have the opportunity.