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eClassics: e-Discovery LOL: “YCDBSOYA!”

Back to the Vault for a reminder of what’s really important this Thanksgiving.  All the best!


This is a tribute to my dad, who passed about 18 years ago.  Without his guidance, who knows where I might have ended up?

What you’re looking at is his tie-clip and cuff link set that I cherish greatly, especially in tough economic times like these.  I haven’t posted as often nor as robustly as I would like lately, and this is the reason.  To a certain extent, you can do business by phone, email or through the internet, but ultimately, “You Can’t Do Business Sitting On Your Ass!”


Hey – everyone’s raving about the new Star Wars film, so why shouldn’t I get in on it?!?!?!

Speaking purely about the blawg, the week started out like this:


As of this moment, it’s ending more like this:


If you’re a subscriber, hopefully you’re receiving this through your feed.  It’s one – of many – tweaks that were needed to get the site back into shape.

I’m not quite done, but we should be pretty close by Monday. Thanks again for your patience!

v-Discovery Insights: #Facebook – An Arm of the #CIA

Well, this is my wrap-up post for 2011.  I'm about halfway through writing my assessment of CalBar's Proposed Formal Opinion Interim No. 10-0003 (Virtual Law Office) and should have it up by early next week.

And no, I'm not finished with my sections of the Calbar book, yet…

I see all of the year-end predictions and top-ten lists out there, but I'm closing out 2011 with this video from The Onion News Network.  I'm laughing, but not too much…


Happy New Year!

e-Discovery LOL: #ABA #Blawg100 Honors the Fallen

2011 ABA Blawg 100
First of all, congratulations to all who made the ABA 2011 Blawg 100.  I was toiling away this afternoon when I happened to read their follow-up article, "We Honor the Fallen: Past Blawg 100 Entries Which Have Departed".

I'm pretty sure it was inappropriate of me to laugh out loud (especially since I've experienced many a day where I simply don't feel like writing), but hey, I did and I thank the ABA Journal for lightening my Friday load just a little bit…

Have a good weekend, everyone.  I'll be in Century City Monday, attending the Executive Counsel "Exchange".