CA Lawyer: IT from Mars, Lawyers from Venus

CA Lawyer May 2010

Folks, I'm going to trial Monday so forgive the sparse posts.  I wanted to point you to this article in CA Lawyer magazine from my colleague, Robert Brownstone.  He and I are both on the CA State Bar's Law Practice Management & Technology executive committee.  We were amused to discover that his article would be published this month, and my next article (on the intersection of e-discovery and privacy) is scheduled for July's issue.

We're also presenting a CLE seminar along with a third colleague (for you non-lawyers, that's "continuing legal education") at the CA State Bar annual meeting in September.

In the same issue is this blurb about e-discovery coming back in-house.  It's funny because I recently observed that more corporations are attempting to handle e-discovery internally to save costs and that lately all of my new clients are law firms.