Annual Meeting Wrap-Up – How Sausage is Made

MP900443693 Well, that didn't go quite as expected.  What I would have liked to do is give you my usual summary on the goings-on and highlight the CLEs I attended.  Unfortunately, because of a full slate of meetings, I attended only a single CLE; and that was the one I presented with Derick Roselli!  I did manage to pop-in to the final twenty minutes of one on privacy, but that was it.

I barely had time to tweet, but if you do follow me, you know that after a Thursday that stretched out to approximately 14 hours of back-to-back-to-back meetings, I endeavored to leave the Long Beach Convention Center at around 10pm, got in my car and…nothing.  Dead battery.  Crap!!!  In came the very generous folks from Hyatt, who got some booster cables, sent a guy over with me and we got it started.  This wasn't as easy as it looked.  The parking garage entrance was locked up tight (no security personnel anywhere to be found), so the guy actually helped me push my car to the entrance – and we boosted it with my car on one side of the security gate and his on the other.  All this while in a suit, no less!

Aside from not being in the mood to have a dead battery after a long day, if one could have picked a good day to deal with a dead battery, Friday was it because I had a light schedule.  I managed to get it done, but didn't get back in time to attend our own LPMT reception at 5:30pm.  I sauntered in – twenty minutes after the event had already ended.  Some of you attended with the intent of meeting with me and I apologize for missing you.

On the personal side, it was a very exciting event for me.  I attended the Council of Sections meeting and saw how the Bar interacts with all of the sections like ours and I also had a really productive meeting with the Bar's Internet Coordinator.  As the only section dedicated to technology, we strive to lead the way and this means maintaining close contact with our counterparts at the Bar so they know what we're up to next.

Our section held a five-hour meeting Saturday (a lunch break was in there somewhere) and it was back to the sausage grinder.  This is the "passing of the torch" event, where the outgoing officers have their final day and turn the gavel over to incoming officers (unofficially).  So, I assumed my Vice-Chair role (officially) the day after the meeting.  We summarized the prior year's accomplishments and mapped out the upcoming year.  It's an ambitious agenda but will be very beneficial to our members.

Our incoming Chair this year is Will Hoffman.  It's my job to do everything in my power to see to it that Will succeeds.  I wish him well.  It's a lot of work!

Sunday, Derick Roselli and I presented our CLE #144 on eDiscovery Facts & Fallacies.  Considering it began at 8:30am on a Sunday morning, we had a good turnout (my headcount was 38) and plenty of healthy Q&A.  We were also pleasantly surprised to discover that we'd been selected for videotaping.  This is great because, for those who didn't see our presentation, they can access it once it's posted on the Bar's website (hint: see program 7 from last year on Mars/Venus).

There you have it.  Four days of heavy activity.  Countless meetings.  One dead battery.  Now, I'm the one who feels like a sausage…