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FinReg: The Next eDiscovery Opportunity?

MP900448202 Like it or not, Financial Reform is upon us.  If you're interested in a lengthier treatment, try this.  Both technology and legal professionals who read this blog will run the gamut of opinions as to whether the law is any good; or whether it'll accomplish a thing, for that matter.

However, we attorneys are supposed to be agnostic when it comes to analysis.  We accept that the law exists, do our best to interpret it, then help our clients understand and comply with it.

Compliance.  That's the definitive word.  According to my interpretation, FinReg will require financial firms to implement a mountain of new document management and retention policies & procedures.  In fact, I wonder how some firms will comply, absent a massive capital outlay.

Intent of the law notwithstanding, I think it may generate a ton of new business for those in the ESI arena.  Of course, that presupposes they don't ignore it…

…just sayin'…