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e-Discovery LOL: Treatment is Available

I can only say this…it's been a very frustrating week – and it's only Thursday!  Thankfully, while I was looking for a gift for mom (Mother's Day is Sunday for those of you who forgot) I stumbled upon a product that no self-respecting e-discovery attorney should be without…


Now, my only decision is, milk or dark?

e-Discovery LOL: Still Think You Control Your ESI?

I wanted to illustrate a point about the complete lack of privacy and/or control inherent with social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace.  My friend, Simon Taylor is an artist.  I asked him to go out on the ‘net, find information about me, then have his way with it.

Simon went to my law school site and procured this photo of my swearing in to the Bar (the gentleman on the left is John F. Gilligan, my law school mentor.  Yours truly is the strapping young chap on the right):

John_Perry_Oath 1

Now take a look at the photo after Mr. Taylor got through with it…


e-Discovery LOL: Water is the Common Theme

hopscotch game at a school, white board on blue

…a little humor for a Monday morning…

The following two quips are from people commenting to me about my blog that left me thinking, “I wish I’d thought of that!”

Regarding the practise of e-discovery itself:

“It’s the wave of the present.”

Regarding my recent post about Twitter, MySpace and Facebook:

“Tweeting on Twitter is like taking a shower on Main Street.”

Have a great week!