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e-Discovery LOL: I Violated the 8th Amendment!


How did I do that?  By subjecting you to Charles Barkley's mug for ten days straight.  Sorry folks, but some weeks I simply don't have time to sit down and write anything substantive; for those periods, I use Twitter.

So, I owe you something better to look at over the weekend.  The good news is, next week's schedule looks a little bit better.  Have a great weekend.

e-Discovery LOL: Perry’s New Book: “F’ed Up!”

Rick Perry Fed Up

What?  There's no apostrophe?  Oh…

I don't know why that title popped into my head while I was watching last night's Republican debate, but it did.  Actually, it gives me the opportunity to let you know that I'll be collaborating with some of my colleagues to write a book for the State Bar of California that is expected to be published next June.  I'm a bit shy on details at the moment, but I'll let you know as soon as I know.  I've bitten off a fairly large chunk of the project, so it looks like I'll be busy writing soon.

e-Discovery LOL? Weiner Resigns

MP900444351 Normally, this would be relegated to the 'Twit List', but I'm making an exception.  A lot of people are still laughing about this issue…but is it funny?  Let's review.  A guy initiates some sexting, takes a few raunchy photos of himself and…that's about it.  Unfortunately, this guy happens to be a U.S. Congressman, but a couple of weeks ago, that was his claim to fame.  Now, look at what's changed:

  • He's disgraced himself and embarrassed his family
  • We can only imagine what his wife is going through (and a newlywed, no less)
  • He's resigned his prestigious position
  • A novelty company has created an X-Rated doll to mock him

You know what else?  He could be you.  What's the only thing that distinguishes him?